Annual Report 2015

building teams, improving lives

Our Mission

DC SCORES helps thousands of low-income kids succeed on the playing field, in school, and in life.


The phenomenal recognition DC SCORES received in FY15, our twentieth year, underscores our continued value and relevance after two decades. Students and alumni were invited to speak about DC SCORES before national audiences, including at the Aspen Institute’s 2015 Project Play Summit; the U.S. Soccer Foundation/ Women’s Policy Inc.’s 2015 Capitol Hill briefing on girls and sports; the Presidential Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition’s 2015 Annual Meeting; and the White House Social Innovation Fund’s 2014 What Works Showcase. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the DC Fiscal Policy Institute, SoccerWire, and the Aspen Institute all cited DC SCORES as a model program in publications or at events. Finally, our young poet-athletes enjoyed several opportunities to visit the White House. They played soccer on the South Lawn with the MLS champions and met President Obama; attended the White House Women’s World Cup watch party; and participated in the First Lady’s Beat the Odds Summit celebrating new first-generation college students.

FY15 was also a year of transition. An unexpected shift by a major institutional funder away from youth development presented both a fiscal challenge (the loss of 15% of our anticipated FY15 revenue) and an opportunity to strengthen our organizational resilience and effectiveness. We addressed the financial difficulties head-on and replaced much of the lost funding. We trained and deployed Board members in new, more accountable ways to help lead our fundraising and financial management. On the staff level, we reorganized roles and responsibilities across the entire organization, both development and program. The departure of two executive team members allowed this deep shift in responsibilities to take place -- and a well-timed, three-year $100,000 City Fund grant restricted to capacity-building enables us to continue to provide professional development for board and staff over the next several years.

I am pleased to report that as a result of these efforts, not only were we able to contain the impact of the funding loss to FY15, but we secured new grants and partnerships that will allow us to continue to grow to meet demand in FY16. I am most proud that we accomplished all of this with minimal impact on our most important stakeholders, the children and families we serve.

The greatest strength of DC SCORES remains the passionate, dedicated team that bands together to serve DC kids -- our headquarters staff, our school-based coaches, our many volunteers, and you! As demand for our programs continues to grow, our mission remains to be there for every child who needs us. We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for being part of our kids’ team!

Best, Bethany Rubin Henderson | Executive Director


Statement of Financial Position At August 31,
2015 2014
Current Assets
Cash and cash equivalents $161,798 $341,606
Contributions and foundations receivable, net $116,274 $159,887
Government awards receivable $38,357 $62,646
Prepaid expenses and other assets $28,787 $33,439
Total current assets $345,216 $597,578
Contributions and foundation grants receivable, net $177,312 $170,029
Property and equipment, net $18,367 $29,992
Total assets $533,612 $804,882
Liabilities and Net Assets
Current liabilities
Accounts payable and accrued expenses $25,417 $38,777
Deferred revenue $5,000 -
Total current liabilities $30,417 $38,777
Deferred rent $15,891 $11,426
Total liabilities $46,308 $50,203
Net assets
Unrestricted net assets $201,463 $443,767
Temporarily restricted net assets $285,841 $310,912
Total net assets $487,304 $754,679
Total liabilities and net assets $533,612 $804,882


For the year ended August 31, 2015
Unrestricted Temp. Restricted Total
Support and Revenue
Corporation & foundation contributions $527,153 $0 $527,153
Individual contributions $397,522 $95,111 $492,633
Government awards $344,391 $0 $344,391
Contributed materials and services $25,039 $0 $25,039
Registration fees $10,051 $0 $10,051
Special events income $103,613 $0 $103,613
Program related revenue $2,870 $0 $2,870
Investment loss $-196 $0 $-196
Net assets released from restrictions $120,182 $-120,182 $0
Total Support and Revenue $1,530,625 $-25,071 $1,505,554
Program services
Elementary school $467,393 $0 $467,393
Middle school $297,583 $0 $297,583
Older youth $128,048 $0 $128,048
Summer Camp $107,515 $0 $107,515
Soccer for success $194,851 $0 $194,851
Program events $174,309 $0 $174,309
Total program services $1,369,699 $0 $1,369,699
Supporting services
Fundraising $249,511 $0 $249,511
General & administrative $153,719 $0 $153,719
Total supporting services $403,230 $0 $403,230
Total Expenses $1,772,929 $0 $1,772,929
Change in Net Assets $-242,304 $-25,071 $-267,375
Net Assets - Beginning of Year $443,767 $310,912 $754,679
Net Assets - End of Year $201,463 $285,841 $487,304
*Temp = temporarily


1,912 DC Youth Served
46 Schools
56% African American
40% Hispanic/Latino
2% Other
1% Asian
1% Caucasian
58% Boys
42% Girls
65% Elementary School
35% Middle School
194 Writing/Soccer Coaches
422 Volunteers
7,300 Hours Volunteered
7,360 Original Poems Written
46 Service-learning Projects
644 Soccer Games


DC SCORES strives to build the whole child. Not just the athlete. Not just the student. And not just the artist. That's why we combine soccer, poetry and spoken word, and service-learning in a consistent after-school model. The result of weekly soccer practices and games, writing workshops and performances, and the creation and implementation of service-learning projects -- all done as a team -- is students who are physically fit, are more engaged in school, and feel better about themselves and their connections to their school, peers, teachers and community. Below is a summary of DC SCORES' impact during the 2014-15 school year:

Physical Fitness

During 2014-15, 78% of participants enrolled improved their Body Mass Index (BMI) percentile after a 12-week DC SCORES season and 72% of participants improved their aerobic capacity.

Writing and Reading

At the conclusion of the 2014-2015 DC SCORES season, 71% of participants said they enjoy reading a book, magazine or poem outside of the school day, and 73% of participants said they enjoy writing a story, poem, journal entry or letter in their own words.

Self-worth and Community

After a year of DC SCORES, 92% of participants said they have a positive attitude about themselves; 95% of participants feel a part of their community; and 100% of participants are confident they will graduate from high school.



“My daughter was new to (school) with no friends. After getting on the team, I've seen big improvement with herself and confidence in going to school!”


“DC SCORES has enabled me as an educator to build meaningful relationships with students I would otherwise not even know.”

2014-2015 Highlights

Fall Frenzy

More than 30 elementary school communities came together for an action-packed day of soccer games, relay races, music, food, poetry writing and other activities during the 17th Annual Fall Frenzy in October.

Poetry Slam!

More than 40 schools wowed captivated audiences with performances poignant, funny and powerful during the two-night 17th Annual Poetry Slam!, the culminating event of the fall season that showcases students’ original poetry and their learned performance techniques!

America SCORES National Poetry SLAM!

During a weekend they will never forget, two standout poets -- Jency M. and Leron B. -- represented DC at the 9th Annual America SCORES National Poetry SLAM!, performing alongside students from 13 other SCORES sites at the Reuters Building in New York City.

SCORE Awards

In May, we honored those who make DC SCORES possible for thousands of DC children -- coaches and volunteers. Soccer and writing coaches received awards for commitment to their students and for embodying the teamwork they instill in kids, and volunteers were celebrated for their tireless dedication.


Our biggest event of the year keeps getting bigger!! The 20th Annual Jamboree! celebrating the spring season featured more than 1,800 kids, hundreds of family members, program partners, volunteers, and more playing hundreds of soccer games and engaging in countless other activities at Anacostia Park from dancing to service-learning presentations to relay races!


In mid-June, more than 500 DC-area professionals represented 32 companies and firms at the 13th Annual DC SCORES Cup. The largest corporate charity soccer tournament in the metropolitan area was a great success and directly raised more than $120,000 for DC SCORES.

September Through August

The DC SCORES fiscal year aligns with the school year, beginning in September and running through August. As in every year, during 2014-15 we provided programming for low-income DC youth during every month. We were there for those in need of a team and a structured and supportive environment year-round. The following pages sum up our four program seasons.

Fall Season

Soccer and Spoken Word

By The Numbers

1,471 students at
46 schools
7,355 original poems written
44 Poetry Slam! performances

Stories Of Impact

Teamwork, Leadership, Commitment

No event better exemplifies DC SCORES’ core values of teamwork, leadership, and commitment than the Poetry Slam! that culminates the season -- and the 17th version of the event was no different.One school after another took the stage in front of a capacity audience and delivered well-choreographed, impassioned, and poignant original spoken word performances. Students were committed and united, and the leaders grabbed the mic for solo performances just as powerful!

Capital Cup Champions

The Capital Cup Championship is the season-ending soccer event of the fall season and shows just how much improvement teams make during 12 weeks of DC SCORES. That was most evident as the Raymond Education Campus middle school team -- a program that had started just two years prior -- played an inspired game in front of a large community of supporters to win the girls championship. And in the boys game, Lincoln Middle School’s poet-athletes who had struggled in September played united and together to win the school’s third Capital Cup in four years.

Winter Season

Nutrition and Bridging Communities

157 students at 7 schools

Stories Of Impact

Happy And Healthy at Reed

The winter DC SCORES season teaches students that there are two parts to being healthy -- not just being active but also eating healthy. At Marie Reed Elementary School each week, kids learned how unhealthy soda is; that there are actually plenty of healthy fast food options when eaten in moderation; and how to easily and quickly prepare delicious healthy snacks and meals for themselves and their families

Schools Come Together for Soccer

Schools with Winter SCORES not only improve their soccer skills with indoor practices -- they also come together for clinics that build friendships and make the game days in the spring more fun when they know each other. Marie Reed and Seaton Elementary shared one such afternoon during the winter. At first the kids were shy, but a teambuilder broke the ice and soon they were passing the ball to each other, laughing, and building bonds through soccer.

Spring Season

Soccer and Service-Learning

By The Numbers

1,433 students at
44 schools
458 soccer games played
44 service-learning projects

Stories Of Impact

Beautifying Communities

Across the District of Columbia, DC SCORES students create change in the spring. Following a detailed four-part process, students examine and identify an issue plaguing their school and/or greater community. They research it. Then feeling empowered and supported by their coaches, they implement a service-learning project. Among the 44 projects, Raymond Education Campus students created from scratch a garden to beautify their school grounds and and provide fresh and healthy produce for their peers and school staff.

Lincoln practices with Georgetown

During each season, DC SCORES teams get to go on field trips both fun and educational. Every year, at least one team visits The White House for a clinic with the Major League Soccer champion; summer campers enjoy visits to museums, construction sites, and more; and in the spring, Lincoln Middle School poet-athletes enjoyed an afternoon practicing with the Georgetown University men’s and women’s soccer teams. The kids learned a lot, laughed a lot, and got to dream of what playing college soccer would be like.

Summer Season

Keeping Minds and Bodies Engaged

191 students at three camps

Stories Of Impact

Fun in the Sun

DC SCORES’ three free soccer and arts summer camps are about so much more than just playing soccer or going on field trips or learning different art genres. It’s about making new friends, about learning social skills, and about earning patches. After every day of camp from mid-June through July, counselors gave out DC SCORES patches to students who exemplify teamwork, leadership, and commitment. This helped foster a great sense of community at the camps that brought together kids from all over Washington, DC.

Alumni Give Back

Each summer we see the impact DC SCORES has had on former participants because of how eager they are to come back as counselors at our camps. In 2015, several alumni took great pride in guiding the students at Marie Reed Soccer & Arts camp. One alumna, Ingrid, did it for a fourth consecutive year and in the fall became the first member of her family to go to college. She takes great pride in mentoring younger girls. “I always tell them it doesn’t matter if you’re a girl,” Ingrid said. “A girl can do anything a guy can do.”

Our Team


Aaron Cannon
Carlos Fonseca
Josh Freedholm
Zachary Gomes
John Guinan
Kevval Hanna
Bethany Rubin Henderson
Sean Hinkle
Chris Hudler
Breelle Hunter
Greg James
Jacqui Kemp
Rachel Klepper
Jake Lloyd
Daniel Meloy
Lyndsey Miller-Vierra
Katrina Owens
Greta Poku-Adjei
Emily Shinogle
Mira Smith
Jessica Trevelyan
Libby Watkins
Travis Worra

Staff Spotlight

Sean Hinkle, Program Director

Sean Hinkle has been with DC SCORES since 2009 after working with Grassroot Soccer in South Africa, where he helped design and implement a public health campaign aimed at African youth. For the past seven years, Sean, a University of Virginia graduate and four-year varsity soccer player, has dedicated himself to low-income DC kids through DC SCORES.

During his tenure at DC SCORES, Sean’s title has changed often -- he’s gone from Assistant Athletic Director to his current position of Program Director -- but one thing has never changed: his dedication to providing safe, supportive and fun activities for more kids in more underserved DC communities.

“Sean loves this organization,” says Chief of Staff Katrina Owens, who has been on staff since 2006. “He’s super passionate about what we do. He believes in the opportunity for kids to have their own voice and make change and be empowered through the program.

“Sean will do anything for anybody. If somebody needs something, he’s going to always figure out how to support them and he’s going to do whatever he can do to help that person whether it’s another staff member or it’s an (high school) alumni or it’s a current student or a coach. I mean, he’s going to go above and beyond.”

Sean has also made everyone’s jobs easier by streamlining processes across all departments of the organization. He’s thought innovatively about the program structure, and he’s taken DC SCORES’ IT to a new level -- even though it’s not in his job description. Among his many accomplishments, Sean brought all DC SCORES systems under Google; he created a Coach Resource Center and videos to provide the most robust training possible for poetry and soccer coaches; and he helped simplify DC SCORES’ evaluation processes.

“He’s certainly as a whole for the organization figured out how to make things more efficient for everyone, whether it’s been the soccer programming or all programming or everybody as a whole,” Katrina says. “He’s had a hand in every component of the organization -- fundraising, program, everything.”

But just as important, Sean has made an indelible impact on hundreds of kids who will never forget how he helped them.

“It’s hard to explain who Sean is and what he is, but to me he’s a great guy, a great mentor, a great buddy,” says Nana Asare, a sophomore in college who participated in DC SCORES for several years. “Even now that I’m in college, when I call him, whatever he’s doing, he drops it and hears me out.

“So I’d say that Sean, if anything, is almost like a bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger big brother that I don’t have -- but I have.”


DC SCORES Board of Directors

Kevin Alansky
David Barritt-Flatt
Barton Bishop
Anthony Brown
Andrea Custis
Ronya A. Corey
Kelly Dragelin
Steve Goodman
Paul Jackson Carl S. Kravitz
Karen Lovitch
Howard L. McMillan, III
Jodi Moraru
Jennifer Gennaro Oxley
Jack Reagan
Christopher Richardson
Chas Roades
Bruce Schulman
Dontai Smalls
Pierre Vigilance

In FY15, DC SCORES invested in developing children across the District through our innovative combination of poetry and spoken word, soccer and service-learning. In our 21st year as an organization, we continued to ensure many hundreds of youth have a high-quality and fun program every day after school. This is made possible by a best-in-class team and an invested group of board members.

As I reflect on FY15, I feel most proud of the number of young people served and our ongoing efforts in program evaluation, which enable us to ensure consistent quality and impact across all of our dozens of sites. We began developing significant strategic partnerships, including an exciting new collaboration with D.C. United. We also placed emphasis on bolstering our internal systems and controls. These priorities allow us to strengthen the overall organization and ensure that dollars raised continue to be used efficiently and strategically.

In my first year as board chair, I am often asked what the secret of DC SCORES is -- what makes the organization dynamic and successful? Unequivocally, I have to say it’s the staff. It’s the 15 full- and part-time staff in our office and the nearly 200 writing and soccer coaches in our partner schools. As a board member and donor, I want to thank you for the incredible support you have provided. It is your support that allows our staff and coaches to be the inspirational leaders our DC SCORES youth deserve.

Sincerely, Anthony Brown
Board Chair

Supporters List


Corporations, foundations, and government agencies play a critical role in helping us achieve our mission. We gratefully acknowledge those who generously provided financial support to DC SCORES in 2014-2015.

League Champions $100,000+

City Fund
U.S. Soccer Foundation

Team Champions $50,000-$99,999

The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
D.C. Children & Youth Investment Trust Corporation
Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation

Scoring Champions $25,000-$49,999

21st Century Community Learning Centers via DC Public Schools' MiddleSchool Matters
Aetna Foundation
Clark Construction
D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities
Lois and Richard England Family Foundation
Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility
Philip L. Graham Fund
Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (New Communities Youth Development & Community Wellness)
D.C. Office of the State Superintendent of Education (DC Physical Activity for Youth)
Hattie M. Strong Foundation
Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.
World Bank

MVPs $10,000-$24,999

Capital for Children
Cresa Washington DC
The Commonweal Foundation, Inc.
DC Bocce
DC Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs
The Frechette Family Foundation
The Herb Block Foundation
IMF Civic Fund
Lainoff Family Foundation
News Corp
Morningstar Foundation
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Share Fund

Fans $5,000-$9,999

ALJAZEERA International
Alston & Bird LLP
Arnold & Porter LLP
Clark-Winchcole Foundation
Corina Higginson Trust
District Sports
Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation
Grant Thornton LLP
Hogan Lovells US LLP
Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Klausner Bendler + Associates
Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation
Marriott International, Inc.
Masonic and Eastern Star Home of the District of Columbia Charities, Inc.
Mt. Vernon Place United Methodist Church
University of Maryland TERPhilanthropy Fund
George Wasserman Family Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation
Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP
Williams & Connolly LLP
Zuckerman Spaeder LLP

Supporters $2,500-$4,999

Booz Allen Hamilton
Crowell and Moring Foundation
The Dimick Foundation
Jacob & Charlotte Lehrman Foundation
Meltzer Group Employee Giving Fund

Captains $1,000-$2,499

Samuel M. Levy Foundation

Matching Companies

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Enterprise Resource Performance, Inc.
Macy's Bloomingdale's
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Soros Fund Charitable Foundation
Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.


DC SCORES is grateful for the financial support of more than 800 individuals each year. Below are those donors who gave $100 or more to support DC youth in 2014-15.
Thank you!

Members of our League of Champions (denoted by a *) pledge a major gift of $1,000 or more every year for at least five years.

MVPs $10,000-$24,999

Carl Kravitz and Elizabeth Werner
Michael Lainoff and Kathryn Kincaid
Philip L Graham Fund

Fans $5,000-$9,999

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bartlett
Graeme Bush and Wendy Rudolph
Barbara and Cal Klausner
Lisa Koteen Gerchick
Chas and Sara Roades
Leslie S. Wilkes

Supporters $1,000-$4,999

Kevin and Rachel Alansky
Dr. Barton and Alla Bishop
Anthony and Armandina Brown
David and Brigitte Burgett
Sam Chappell
Kyra Cheremeteff
Aeon Clarke
Ronya Corey and Devon McFadden
Andrea Custis
Loretta A Dipietro
Kelly Dragelin
Charis Menshel Drant and Ryan Drant
Amy and Theodore Dunbar
Tilden and Mary Edwards
Christopher Finley and Ursula Savarain
John Graebner
Jay and Cheryl Grauberger
Jennifer Hillman
Paul Jackson and Tracey Rutnik
Barbara and Cal Klausner
Dan and Kathleen Knise
Philip Kroskin
Samuel M Levy Family Foundation
Peter Leibold and Elisabeth McCloskey
Connie and Erik Lindenauer
John Lloyd
Peter Loge
Paige Lovejoy
Karen Lovitch
Don Marshall
Howard & Mary Eliza McMillan
David K. Owens
Matthew Penn
Howard & Geraldine Polinger Family Foundation
Tim Preotle
John Reagan
Stephen Replogle and Skye Earls Replogle
Christopher Richardson
Corinne Richardson
Martha Richardson
Brendan and Tricia Sullivan
Gene and Lauren Sachs
Dontai Smalls
David Thompson
Pierre Vigilance
Anne and Fred Woodworth
Howard Wooley

Captains $500-$999

Martha Barksdale
David Barritt-Flatt and Claire Walling
Robert Bell
Steve Burnett
Mary Clark
Ben Feldman
Jason Ferreri
Eric S. Fins
Anthony Francavilla
Kathleen and Robert Hindle
Sean Hinkle
Eli Hochstetler
Heidi Hochstetler
Sam Hochstetler
Debra and Michael Kushma
Sam Klausner
Barbara Landau
Alison MacAdam
Jodi and Eldad Moraru
John and Livezy More
Amy Nakamoto and Jeremy Edwards
Daniel J. Neal
David Nicol
Dr. A. J. Ostrolenk
Jennifer Gennaro Oxley
Kevin and Pamela Payne
Aaron M. Plantenberg
Holly Saurer
Jeff Schwartz
Arlene Bork Selber
Tom Sheridan
David Solander
Andrew Statler

Starters $100-$499

Carlyle Abbott
Roberto and Mary Amorosino
Darryl Anderson
Wayne Anmilth
Saum Ayria
Rita Bamberger
Jose Barbosa
Jana Barresi
Eleanor Bastian
Winell H. C. Belfonte
Amy Bess & Jeffrey Lesher
Brian Bharwani
Dennis & Alice Blumer
Rebecca Boland
Allison Brown and Gardner Humphreys
Christina M Brown
Marlon Brown
Michael Brustein
Thomas Burket
Lindsey Buss
Rachel A Carren and Mark D Young
Kim and John Casey
Amira Choueiki
John Conte
Timothy Convey
Wendy Copeland and Jon Schwartz
Megan Corey
Brad Dancer
Laurie Davis
The Donahue Family
Pamela Dorsey
Julia C. Dugger
Steven Dunn
Ellen Erikson
Patricia Weiss Fagen
The Fairbanks Family
Patricia J Farrell and Robert G Watkins
Becky and Don Feltman
Brenda Finch
Harry Findley
Christopher Finley
Michael Finn
Gwen E. Fitzgerald
Patricia and Ronald Flagg
Elisabeth Fleischman
Natalie Foglia
Carlos Fonseca
Christopher and Monica Freas
David Freedholm
Rebecca Freedholm
Myra & Barbara Freilich
J. Frison

Cheryl Gardner
Maurice Gilmore
Pete Gilmore
Shana Glickfield
Lon Goldstein
David Goodwin
Richard Greene
Jay Greenstein
Jacqueline Greer
Tim Guinan
Tracey Halliday
Carolyn Hart
Lincoln Heilner
Bethany & Daniel Henderson
David Hidalgo
Donald Hill
Bryan Hinkle
Cole Hinnen
Launa Hochstetler
Lauren Hodapp
Allen Huffman
Jane and Jeffrey Istvan
Kathy Jacquart
Niall Janney
Susan Jaquet
Debbie Jardot
Maigairi Jinkiri
Reuben Johnson and Mary Watkins
Delores Johnson-Cooper
Matthew Kaiser and Jennifer Quigley
Julie Kelleher
Sara Keller
Judith Kemp
Nancy and Paul Kemp
Noah Kennedy
D. Kent and Kathryn K. Replogle
Deeana Klepper
Chuck and Lois Koteen
Douglas A. Kotlove
Laura Michele Kurek
Matt Landau
Simon E. Landau
Alan Langworthy
Paula Lantz
Krista Lapato
Steve Larson and Carol Roberts
Abigail Lauer
James Lawry
Michael Lemon
Edward and Mary Lovitch
Karen Lovitch
Tracy Lyman

Katherinne Makris
R.R. Mathieu
Henry Mattison
Brian McCormack
Joshua McGee
Kevin McShane
Kate Meenan-Waugh and James Waugh
Daniel Meloy
Gary Meltz
Chelsie and Lyndsey Miller-Vierra
Cindy Moelis
Linda R. Munich
Michael Nakamoto
Gregory Nantz
Kyle Nicholson
Anne O’Connell
Glen O'Gilvie
Ben Olsen
John Brenden Owen
Katrina and Kenny Owens
Kevin Parker
Molly Pauker
Michael & Gillian Parrish
Blaine Pellicore
Beverly Perry
Michael Perry
Joshua Phelps
Nancy Polikoff and Cheryl Swannack
Tony Poole
Barbara Power
April Rieger and Bryan Stephany
Anusha Rouse
Ayan & Michael Rubin
Amy Rudnick
Naomi Rutenberg
Mindy Saffer
Karen L. Schulman
Jill Schwartz
Maegan Scott
Ellen Seidman
Jana Sharp
David Sheon
Rachel Shnider
Jerry and Judith Shulman
Angus Small
Kyler Smart
Jan and Angelika Smilek
Robert Smith

Aya Takeuchi
Tina Taliaferro
Peter Tatian
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Teras
Jessica and Stuart Trevelyan
Christina Tunison
Joseph Vaughan
G. Vieth
Justin Waller
Lauren Weissbrod
Marleen Welsh
Jeffery and Claudia Werner
Jeff Willer
Michele Williams
Sarah Wolf
Tanya and Vernon Woods
Brian Yi
Aaron Yost
Mary and Michael Young

Thank You!

Thank you for another incredible year. We are grateful for your support as we continue to grow and strive to serve every kid in Washington, DC, deserving of a team!

- The DC SCORES Team

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