Annual Report 2016

building teams, improving lives

Our Mission

DC SCORES goes where kids in need are and creates neighborhood teams that give kids the confidence and skills to succeed on the playing field, in the classroom, and in life.


“Soccer is life, it’s a beautiful game.” — Chavez Prep Middle School. So many DC SCORES poet-athletes feel this way, and in FY16 we were able to expand their soccer horizons further than ever before when we launched a long-term strategic partnership with D.C. United. Our thousands of young poet-athletes enjoyed access to mid-season trainings with United goalie Travis Worra, summer soccer clinics with United Academy youth coaches, game-day experiences at RFK Stadium, and multiple opportunities to talk to and learn from MLS players and coaches. Expanded soccer experiences didn’t stop at RFK’s door. Our Brightwood Education Campus team got to meet and train with the World Cup-winning U.S. Women’s National Team on the White House Ellipse. We launched soccer programs at nine DC rec centers. And all eight of our winter program teams got to enjoy the first-ever DC SCORES Winter Sports Day, in partnership with the Embassy of Qatar.

“Have you ever heard of Hope Avenue? Or Change Way? I want to go there someday.” — Emelisa U., Marie Reed Elementary School. DC SCORES alumni continued to lead the way this year. Edwin, who spoke no English when he joined DC SCORES in 4th grade, graduated a high school valedictorian and matriculated at Princeton. High school sophomore Christian set an example for his peers, volunteering nearly daily in our office and receiving his youth soccer referee certification. You can read their stories and about the progress of many other alumni on our blog.

“We are a community of respect, teamwork, and sportsmanship.” — Bancroft Elementary School. All of our coaches model these values daily, but this year none more so than Coach Mark “Popsie” Lewis, who was named a Major League Soccer (MLS) Community Coach Regional MVP and a WJLA-7 (ABC) Harris Hero for his work with DC SCORES.

“Shoot with cameras, not guns.” Ten-year-old M’kya S. wrote her poem “Could Rap Music Be” to lament a recent shooting behind her school. Little did she know then that these words would carry her to cameras of the paparazzi at America SCORES’ 10th annual National Poetry SLAM! in New York City.

These are just a few highlights of a year chock full of energy, emotion, fun, and fierce determination both on and off the field. I invite you to relive all of FY16 with us through this rich, multimedia annual report. Thank you for being part of our team!

Best, Bethany Rubin Henderson | Executive Director


Statement of Financial Position At August 31,
2016 2015
Current Assets
Cash and cash equivalents $175,227 $161,798
Contributions and foundations receivable, net $17,825 $116,274
Government awards receivable $173,466 $38,357
Prepaid expenses and other assets $24,102 $28,787
Total current assets $390,620 $345,216
Contributions and foundation grants receivable, net $204,259 $177,312
Property and equipment, net $12,783 $18,367
Total assets $607,662 $533,612
Liabilities and Net Assets
Current liabilities
Accounts payable and accrued expenses $46,794 $25,417
Deferred rent-- current portion $2,200 -
Deferred revenue $1,050 $5,000
Total current liabilities $50,044 $30,417
Deferred rent $13,289 $15,891
Total liabilities $63,333 $46,308
Net assets
Unrestricted net assets $323,208 $201,463
Temporarily restricted net assets $221,121 $285,841
Total net assets $544,329 $487,304
Total liabilities and net assets $607,662 $533,612


For the year ended August 31, 2016
Unrestricted Temp. Restricted Total
Support and Revenue
Corporation & foundation contributions $505,275 $0 $505,275
Individual contributions $493,313 $143,067 $582,380
Government awards $686,367 $0 $686,367
Contributed materials and services $31,422 $0 $31,422
Registration fees $23,638 $0 $23,638
Special events income $121,259 $0 $121,259
Rental Income $22,842 $0 $22,842
Program related revenue $- $0 $0
Investment loss $- $0 $0
Net assets released from restrictions $207,787 $(207,787) $0
Total Support and Revenue $2,037,903 $(64,720) $1,973,183
Program services
Elementary school $617,778 $0 $617,778
Middle school $323,603 $0 $323,603
Older youth $40,540 $0 $40,540
Summer Camp $140,550 $0 $140,550
Soccer for success $217,050 $0 $217,050
Program events $161,402 $0 $161,402
Total program services $1,508,923 $0 $1,508,923
Supporting services
Fundraising $226,555 $0 $226,555
General & administrative $180,680 $0 $180,680
Total supporting services $407,235 $0 $407,235
Total Expenses $1,916,158 $0 $1,916,158
Change in Net Assets $121,745 $(64,720) $57,025
Net Assets - Beginning of Year $201,463 $285,841 $487,384
Net Assets - End of Year $323,208 $221,121 $544,329
*Temp = temporarily


2,182 DC Youth Served
49 Sites
55% African American
39% Hispanic/Latino
2% White
1% Asian
3% Other
61% Boys
39% Girls
60% Elementary School
24% Middle School
16% Recreation Centers
181 Writing/Soccer Coaches
457 Volunteers
7,905 Hours Volunteered
8,715 Original Poems Written
49 Service-learning Projects
712 Soccer Games


DC SCORES strives to build the whole child. Not just the athlete. Not just the student. And not just the artist. That's why we combine soccer, poetry and spoken word, and service-learning in a consistent after-school model. The result of weekly soccer practices and games, writing workshops and performances, and the creation and implementation of service-learning projects -- all done as a team -- is students who are physically fit, are more engaged in school, and feel better about themselves and their connections to their school, peers, teachers and communities. Below is a summary of DC SCORES' impact during the 2015-16 school year:

Physical Fitness

During 2015-16, 70% of participants enrolled improved their Body Mass Index (BMI) percentile after a 12-week DC SCORES season and 83% of participants improved their aerobic capacity.

Writing and Reading

At the conclusion of the 2015-2016 DC SCORES season, 81% of participants’ parents said that their child(ren) are better at writing and reading after a 12-week DC SCORES season, and 99% of participants were confident they would graduate high school.

Self-worth and Community

After a year of DC SCORES, 96% of participants discovered something they’re good at; 94% of participants cared more about their school; and 95% of participants understood the importance of respecting others.



“[My daughter] has built a great amount of confidence sharing her ideas in class. She was always very smart with lots of ideas but was very shy. Thank you DC SCORES!”


“The ability to have one-on-one conversations with students about not just school, but about soccer and personal lives has impacted me greatly.”

2015-2016 Highlights


On October 1, 2015, D.C. United and DC SCORES publicly announced that beginning with the 2015-16 school year, the D.C United Foundation and its United Soccer Club would join forces with award-winning youth development nonprofit DC SCORES to serve more than 2,000 young people across the District of Columbia.

Poetry Slam!

Forty schools wowed captivated audiences with performances poignant, funny and powerful during the two-night 18th Annual Poetry Slam!, the culminating event of the fall season that showcases students’ original poetry and their learned performance techniques!

America SCORES National Poetry SLAM!

During a weekend she will never forget, 10-year-old M’kya S. represented her school, her community, her city, and DC SCORES at the 10th Annual America SCORES National Poetry SLAM!, performing alongside students from 12 other SCORES sites in New York City.

SCORE Awards

In May 2016, we honored those who make DC SCORES possible for thousands of DC children -- coaches and volunteers. During the gala at the Longview Gallery, soccer and writing coaches received awards for commitment to their students and for embodying the teamwork they instill in kids, and volunteers were celebrated for their tireless dedication.


This thing keeps growing! The 21st Annual Jamboree! celebrating the spring season featured a record more than 2,000 kids, hundreds of family members, program partners, volunteers, and more, playing hundreds of soccer games and engaging in countless other activities at Anacostia Park from dancing to service-learning presentations to relay races!


In late June, more than 500 DC-area professionals represented 32 companies and firms at the 14th Annual DC SCORES Cup. The largest, most dynamic team-building corporate charity soccer tournament in the metropolitan area was a monster success and directly raised more than $140,000 for DC SCORES.

September Through August

The DC SCORES fiscal year aligns with the school year, beginning in September and running through August. As in every year, during 2015-16 we provided programming for low-income DC youth during every month. We were there for those in need of a team and a structured and supportive environment year-round. The following pages sum up our four program seasons.

Fall Season

Soccer and Spoken Word

By The Numbers

1,473 students at
48 schools
8,715 original poems written
40 Poetry Slam! performances

Stories Of Impact

Capital Cup Champions

The Capital Cup Championship is the season-ending soccer event of the fall season and shows just how much improvement teams make during 12 weeks of DC SCORES and how much the sport means to the neighborhoods and communities we serve. That was most evident as the Capital City Public Charter School girls and Raymond Education Campus boys teams played inspired games full of teamwork to claim titles.


In a matter of two nights, 40 teams of poet-athletes reminded capacity audiences that included DC's Deputy Mayor for Education that there is plenty of hope in the world and that their words have meaning and influence. Feeling empowered from 12 weeks of poetry sessions, one school-based team after another took the stage and delivered united, inspiring, stirring, eye-opening, tear-jerking and poignant works of creative expression.

Winter Season

Nutrition and Bridging Communities

179 students at 8 schools

Stories Of Impact


The winter DC SCORES season teaches students that there are two parts to being healthy -- not just being active but also eating well. At eight DC SCORES sites, kids learned what foods and drinks are unhealthy; how to consume snacks and meals in moderation; and how to easily and quickly prepare delicious nutritious snacks and meals for themselves and their families. Thanks to Winter SCORES, kids felt healthy and prepared for the spring soccer season.


DC SCORES was proud to present, for the first time, Winter Sports Day for all Winter SCORES participants on Feb. 2, 2016. The event was held in partnership with the Qatar Embassy and Qatar Foundation International at Total Soccer Arena in Landover, Md., and gave kids the opportunity to play soccer and be introduced to Qatari cultures through the arts, dress, and food.

Spring Season

Soccer and Service-Learning

By The Numbers

1644 students at
48 schools
416 soccer games played
48 service-learning projects

Stories Of Impact


More than 150 kids making up 17 teams spent a chunk of their spring break playing countless soccer games, reuniting with friends, and laughing and smiling under sunny skies while a wind ripped across the green turf surface on which three games took place simultaneously -- one round after another. It was the biggest alumni tournament to date, demonstrating how connected high school students feel to DC SCORES.


Regardless of their school’s circumstances, students at every DC SCORES site make their neighborhood and community better each spring with a service-learning project. At Imagine Hope Charter School, a school without green space, the team created a garden and place for plants to grow by cutting up plastic bottles and adding soil and seeds. Soon, plants were growing on the school’s blacktop!

Summer Season

Keeping Minds and Bodies Engaged

203 students at three camps

Stories Of Impact


DC SCORES’ three free soccer and arts summer camps give kids like Nereida a chance to get one-on-one instruction with experienced coaches and make great strides with their skills and confidence before the fall season begins. Nereida worked tirelessly during the two weeks of Tubman soccer camp and greatly impressed counselors with her dedication to the sport.


Each summer we’re reminded of the impact our coaches have on individual kids. For Edwin O., his longtime soccer coach Mark “Popsie” Lewis was a mentor who helped mold Edwin from a shy sixth-grader into a confident leader in high school not just on the playing field but in school where he was valedictorian and earned a full scholarship to Princeton University. Popsie deservedly won the D.C. United MLS Works Community MVP for his dedication to DC SCORES.

Our Team


Chloe Doto
Hannah Ehlers
Duha Elmardi
Tony Francavilla
Josh Freedholm*
John Guinan*
Bethany Rubin Henderson
Sean Hinkle
Chris Hudler
Breelle Hunter*
Greg James
Rachel Klepper
Jake Lloyd
Katrina Owens
Greta Poku-Adjei
Lindsey Sharp
Emily Shinogle*
Mira Smith*
Will Sutton
Jessica Trevelyan
Libby Watkins
Travis Worra*

*Indicates former staff member

Staff Spotlight

Libby Watkins

It didn’t take long for Libby Watkins to realize the impact of DC SCORES on children in the District of Columbia. The Whitman College (Wash.) graduate, knew within weeks of beginning her AmeriCorps year in 2012 that DC SCORES works.

Since then, Libby has worked tirelessly to prove — through data — this to those who don’t see the program on a daily basis. Libby has evolved from a Soccer Coordinator her first year to Director of Monitoring & Evaluation, overseeing DC SCORES’ efforts to not only evaluate the effectiveness of the program but also use data to modify elements of programming for the betterment of the kids involved.

“Whether it's seeing a smiling face at a game day, analyzing data that shows gains of participants, or talking to coaches about kids who have been transformed by DC SCORES, I love being able to reaffirm that our program works,” Libby says.

In 2015, Libby was named an Evaluate for Change Millennial Nonprofit Data Fellow, a program that helped her gain an even greater understanding of advanced data and evaluation methods. Libby understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve with the newest methods of data gathering, especially as she — and other program staff — tackle the challenge of DC SCORES growing each year while making sure the organization’s high-quality programming is not compromised.

“As we strive to provide better programming more efficiently to increasing numbers of youth throughout the city, it's essential to determine what works and why it works,” Libby says. “Evaluation should shine a light on our successes and our areas for growth, ultimately allowing us to replicate best practices.”

On the ground, Libby is responsible for leading pre- and post-season fitness and survey evaluations of DC SCORES poet-athletes. This means organizing afternoons before and after each 12-week DC SCORES season to bring several program sites to a location and conduct fitness tests, gather BMI data, and have kids fill out surveys. One of the most challenging aspects of Libby’s job is making sure the same kids are present at both days.

Additionally, Libby has worked extensively with other program staff to build and streamline a system for monitoring the effectiveness of DC SCORES programming at each of our now-55 sites across Washington, DC. Libby played a large role in developing a red/yellow/green school status/performance management system that allows staff to efficiently determine which schools need the most staff time and resources.

Having played the sport in college, the soccer aspect of DC SCORES is what initially attracted Libby to the organization in 2012. Since then, she’s embraced all aspects of DC SCORES from game days, to evaluation days, to a staff which, Libby says, “make coming to work every day fun and are as energized about our mission as I am.” Libby was even asked by a DC SCORES site, Seaton Elementary School, to give their commencement speech.

“I'd say I am proud of the shift toward being more data-driven and the change in data use,” Libby says. “I'm also proud of the relationships I've built with our amazing coaches!”


DC SCORES Board of Directors

David Barritt-Flatt Barton Bishop*
Anthony Brown
Ronya A. Corey
Mark D. Cowan
Andrea Custis
Tim Delaney
Kelly Dragelin
Steve Goodman
Tom Hunt
Paul Jackson*
Carl S. Kravitz*
Chip Lohmeyer
Karen Lovitch*
Howard L. McMillan, III
Victor Melara
Wally Okpych IV
Jennifer Gennaro Oxley
Stephen Replogle*
Christopher Richardson
Bruce Schulman
David Sheon
Devin Talbott
Pierre Vigilance

DC SCORES Board Interns

Brendon DelToro
Michael Riggins

I am proud to say that DC SCORES, in our 22nd year, is as focused and motivated as ever to serve hundreds of young people across the District with a quality program during critical after-school hours. Over the past year, coming off FY15 with a moderate financial challenge, the board and organization’s leadership recalibrated. We looked deeper within the organization with the purpose of creating stability and continuing to build a foundation from which to grow, innovate and lead.

We added new board members - passionate and thoughtful individuals with a diverse set of skills and a renewed and enhanced commitment to bring in more dollars. We focused on financial management, ensuring our internal controls and systems are meeting organizational demands. We deepened and defined our D.C. United relationship, partnering to serve more kids at new sites. And, we began expanding our corporate partnerships and revenue streams which will allow us to sustain and grow as we address a wait list of schools anxious for the DC SCORES program.

If you have ever attended the Poetry Slam!, or a game day, or watched kids come together in a classroom to share and hear and give feedback, you would feel the infectious energy that is DC SCORES. As a board of directors, we feel fortunate to be one part of this life-changing and positive experience for kids. As an organization, we thank you, the DC SCORES family of supporters, for your time and contributions. We could not do this work without you.

Sincerely, Anthony Brown
Board Chair

Supporters List


Corporations, foundations, and government agencies play a critical role in helping us achieve our mission. We gratefully acknowledge those who generously provided financial support to DC SCORES in 2015-16.

League Champions $100,000+

City Fund
D.C. Department of Health
Office of the State Superintendent of Education (21st Century Community Learning Centers; Physical Activity for Youth)
U.S. Soccer Foundation

Team Champions $50,000-$99,999

The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
Chiaramonte Family Foundation
D.C. Children & Youth Investment Trust Corporation
Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation

Scoring Champions $25,000-$49,999

D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities
D.C. Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs
Lois and Richard England Family Foundation
Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility
John Edward Fowler Memorial Foundation
Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (New Communities Youth Development & Community Wellness)
Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.

MVPs $10,000-$24,999

Audi of America
Capital for Children
Clark-Winchcole Foundation
Cresa Washington DC
DC Bocce
District Sports
Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation
George Preston Marshall Foundation
The Herb Block Foundation
Lainoff Family Foundation
Morningstar Foundation
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Share Fund
Wells Fargo
World Bank

Fans $5,000-$9,999

Arnold & Porter LLP
Clark Construction
Corina Higginson Trust
Embassy of Qatar
The Frechette Family Foundation
Grant Thornton LLP
Hogan Lovells US LLP
IMF Civic Fund
Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation
Marriott International, Inc.
Teammates for Kids/Garth Brooks Foundation
TD Bank
George Wasserman Family Foundation
Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP
Williams & Connolly LLP
Women’s Sports Foundation Sports4Life
Zuckerman Spaeder LLP

Supporters $2,500-$4,999

Capitol Hill Community Foundation
Crowell and Moring Foundation
The Dimick Foundation
Jacob & Charlotte Lehrman Foundation
Meltzer Group Employee Giving Fund
Howard and Geraldine Polinger Family Foundation

Captains $1,000-$2,499

Fullgraf Family Foundation
Truth Initiative

Matching Companies

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation
JLL Community Connection
Pimco Foundation
Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.


DC SCORES is grateful for the financial support of more than 800 individuals each year. Below are those donors who gave $100 or more to support DC youth in 2015-16.
Thank you!

Members of our League of Champions (denoted by a *) pledge a major gift of $1,000 or more every year for at least five years.

MVPs $10,000-$24,999

Carl Kravitz and Elizabeth Werner*

Fans $5,000-$9,999

Lisa Koteen Gerchick*
Richard E and Nancy P Marriott Foundation
George Wasserman Family Foundation
TEGNA Foundation

Supporters $1,000-$4,999

David Barritt-Flatt*
Anthony Brown
Sue Budin and John Lloyd
Ronya Corey and Devon McFadden*
Mark Cowan
Andrea Custis*
Kelly Dragelin*
Tony Francavilla
Tom Hunt*
Barbara and Cal Klausner*
Julia Krauss
Ellen Love
James Meadows II
Joshua McGee*
Kevin Murphy
Amy Nakamoto*
David and Paige Nicol*
Walter and Christine Okpych*
Jennifer Oxley
Kevin and Pamela Payne
Tim Preotle*
Chris Richardson
David Sheon*
Bruce Schulman
Arlene Selber
Dontai Smalls*
Beth Myers and Matthew Squire
Anne and Fred Woodworth

Captains $500-$999

Robert Bell
Allison Brown and Gardner Humphreys
Michael Brustein
Jeffrey Carlisle
Mary Clark
Aeon Clarke
Amy Dunbar
Fabrangen Tzedakah Collective
Timothy Fairbank
Joan Fleischman
Richard Gersten
Sam Jaraiedi
Ashley Koff
Barbara and Matthew Landau
Alison MacAdam
Susan Markel
Kate Meenan-Waugh
David and Karen Owens
Lauren Richardson
Jesse Rosenthal
Charles A Samuels
Holly Saurer
Michael Schoenbrun
Thomas Selby
D. Dodge Thompson
Michael Umpierre
Maria Vogler
Michael Wilde
Mark D. Young

Starters $100-$499

Zachary Abaie
Priya Agarwal
Patrick and Trish Ahern
Phil Andriole
Sam Aparicio
Hedy J Aponte
Faizan Arfeen
Sebastian Arrivillaga
David Attis
Nancy Bagot
Sarah Bair
Calaneet Balas
Rita Bamberger
Kristi Barksdale
David and Denise Barmak
Jon Barnhart,
Paul Barritt-Flatt
Emily Baskin
Jennifer Baskin
Michael Bassett
Katherine Batlas
Alex Bearman
Brian Becker
Winell H. C. Belfonte
Dorothy Bill
Michael Billiel
Barton Bishop
Charity Blackwell
Patrick and Elizabeth Blake
Dennis and Alice Blumer
Victoria Boston
Jeffrey Boyle
Nicholas Boyle
Benjamin Brewster
Kara Brilliant
Malachi Broadnax
Thomas and Susan Burket
Kevin Byrne and Katrina Blomdahl
Robert Cannon
Rachel A Carren and Mark D Young
Carl Cohen and Dr.Wendy Rubinstein
Carlos Gonzalez
Melanie Casner
Johnny Casto
Sam Chappell
David Cho
Steve Claudy
Julia Coffman
Meagan Consedine
Tara Corvo
David Crespo
Barry Crytzer
Celina Cunningham
Dyan Decker
Andrew Dodson
Paul Ehrenreich
Eric Ellsworth
Sebastian Fainbraun
The Fairbanks Family

Patricia J Farrell and Robert G Watkins
Jason Ferreri
Matthew and Jennifer Field
Marc Filer
Christopher Finley
Deborah and Daniel Fins
Justin Fishkin
Molly Fitzpatrick
Katherine Fliflet
Vicky and Robert Fontana
Kemba Ford
Sara Fornaciari
Barbara Freedenberg
David Freedholm
Rebecca Freedholm
Myra Freilich
Stacy Fresch
Jen Fries
James Frison
Hugh Gamble, III
Elizabeth Garner
Michael Gibson
Dave Gilles
Stephen and Michelle Goodman
Peter Gottesman
Manuela Goulden
Alan W H Gourley
Cheryl Gregory
Julia Gustafson
Seth and Jennifer Halvaksz
Natasha Hayward
Dori and Mark Hazan
Christine Heggem
Samuel Heiber
Erik Heilman
Amber Hemp
Bethany Henderson
Charles and Norma Henry
Michael Hetchkop
Donald Hill
Jennifer Hinkle
Heidi Hochstetler
Launa Hochstetler
Leah Hochstetler
Kirsten Holland
Doug and Joi Hollis
Dru Huffman
Pablo Illanes
Jeffrey and Jane Istvan
Jordan Jakubovitz
Matthew James and Associates
Susan Jaquet
Demetrios Karoutsos
Ryan Kelley
Timothy Kelly
Jacqueline Kemo
Jacqui Kemp
Joanne Kemp
John Kemp

Regina and Jonathan Kemp
Vanessa Kermick
Mary Lenore Keszler
Linne Kimball
Deeana Klepper
LaMean Koroma
Doug Kotlove
Debra Kushma
Sara Kushma
Peter Lane
Charles Laracy
James Lawry
Rachael Levine
Rodney Lewis
John Loge
Edward and Mary Lovitch
Karen Lovitch
Michael Marion
Paula Maylahn
James and Nancy McBride
Matt Merz
Colleen Miller
John Miller
Linda R Munich
Ken Munson
Timothy Murphy
Amy Nakamoto
Michael Nakamoto
Julia Neumann
Jessica Neves
Kyle Nicholson
Michael Nilsson
James and Kathleen O'Hara
Kristen Obaranec
Cary Obrien
Nancy Ory
Kenneth Owens
Joseph Palladino
Adam Paulson and Lyndsy Bennett
Tanya Penny
Katrina Piercy
Mark and Ashley Pino
Nancy Polikoff and Cheryl Swannack
Frank Polley
Lesley Poole
Barbara Power
John and Jill Preotle
Matt Preotle
Tim Preotle
Jennifer Quigley
Francine Raizes
Steven Rehaut
Stephen Replogle
Rebecca Richards
Marcie Richardson
Peter Richardson
Gabrielle Robayo
Catherine Robinson
Bob Rosecrans

Elliott Rosner
Michael Rosner
Ayan Rubin
Amy Rudnick
Naomi Rutenberg
Edward Ryan
Duncan Ryder
Amy and Justin Rzepka
James Sadowski
Milagros Salazar Driver
Chad Salganik
Monice Sanders
Stacy Sandler
Tamara Schmidt
Martin Schuh
Karen L Schulman
Douglas Schwartz
Jeff Schwartz
Ellen Seidman
Jana Sharp
Farrah Short
Chris Silvester
Matthew Simpson
Howard Smith
Robert Smith
Ignacio Stearns
Diane Stevenson
Lisa Tabaku
Aya Takeuchi
David Tanguay
Nicolas Tempestini
Ann and Christopher Teras
Jim Tragakis
Megan Treacy
Jessica and Stu Trevelyan
Lane Udis
Mark Ulbrich
Nanette Valliere
Jeremy Valtin
Kirk Vartan
Joseph Vaughan
Samuel Vigersky
Pierre Vigilance
Amanda Visek
Rebecca Walker
Loren Wall
Cecil Wallace
Mathew and Carrie Ward
Rosemary Wardley
Kyle Weber
Patricia Weiss Fagen
Brian Whitesides
Joshua Whisenhunt
Demon Wright
Brian Yi
Mary and Michael Young
Richard Young
Michael Yurow

Thank You!

Thank you for another incredible year. We are grateful for your support as we continue to grow and strive to serve every kid in Washington, DC, deserving of a team!

- The DC SCORES Team

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